Since december is going to end really soon and I won't have time to read something in the next two days, I will list the books I've read this month now.


Shadowplay from Tad Williams - it's the second novel of his Shadowmarch series and I was really exited to learn more about the absolutely fascinating world Williams created. I really loved the first book, but the second one was way better than its predecessor. In Shaodwmarch the most interesting stories weren't mentioned enough for me, but thankfully this changed in the sequel. I gave Shadowmarch five stars and it really deserved it, but Shadowplay is even better and should get at least two stars more - unfortunately that's not possible ;)

(I won't tell you something about the story because there is going to be a seperate blog entry next year in which I will tell you more about one of my favourite series)


I also finished Jane Eyre from Charolotte Bronte in december. I really had my problems with this book and had to encourage myself to finish it, but in the end it was worth the struggle. It is a really great (love-) story and a classic novel everyone should read in his/her life. Unfortunately some of the problems affected the reading experience too much so I only gave it three stars.





As preparation for the movie I listened to the audiobook of The Hobbit. I always have the problem that I fall asleep too easily when listening to audiobooks but that didn't happen with this one. The narrator and the voices of the characters were perfectly chosen and the story is an absolutley must-read/listen - there is no way I can't give it not five stars.





That was my rather small list of (audio-)books for this month. I hope I'll have more time to read next year.