Tomorrow is the last day of this year, so I think it's a great idea to summarize the last twelve reading months. I want to start with an overview of all books according to the stars I gave them. There can be differences to the ratings in my reviews because I recently switched back to the 5-star-rating without half numbers. So that's kind of a mess atm - but I'll fix it next year ;) After that I try to count the books and see which genre I prefered this year - it won't be a surprise, because I normally tend to read fantasy novels, but who knows :) And at the end I look back at the challenges I participated in this year.


5 stars


4 stars

 15985348    Death Masks: Book Five of The Dresden Files Summer Knight:The Dresden Files Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Book 3) Fool Moon: Book two of The Dresden Files       8442457      


3 stars

Storm Front (Dresden Files)         12958034 46756 17212231 10765    7619057 236093 12296 


2 stars




Let's see which genre I liked best this year ...


Fantasy: 26

Science Fiction/Dystopy/Steampunk: 15

Crime/Thriller: 4

Historical Novel: 4

Adult Fiction: 3


Like I said, not really a suprise. I just love fantasy :) And it didn't even help that I grouped science fiction, dystopian novels and steampunk... Maybe that will change next year, because I want to read more space opera novels and I'm starting with Leviathan Wakes James Corey really soon. 



Well to be honest, there was only one: the fifty fifty challenge. The goal was to read 50 (to you new) books and watch 50 movies you have never seen before in one year - re-reads and re-watches don't count. At the beginning I didn't think that I can make it and I thought it would be fun to keep track of all the books and movies. But after about six months I realized that I may have a chance to finish it and that's when the stressful time began. The movie part wasn't that big of a deal, but I started to just pick smaller books and when it took me longer than one week to finish one I kind of nearly freaked out ;) Now I've seen about 64 films and read 52 books (plus four comics/graphic novels) and I'm happy again, because I made it! But I'm unteachable, because I already signed in and participate again. BUT this time, I set myself the goal to read about 30 books and when there are more, it's great. No worries anymore and when I can't reach the number 50, that's no problem. It's just great to see what other people are reading and watching and maybe I find some interesting books/movies I've never heard about :)


Well that was my reading year 2013 :) Happy New Year! And we'll see/read each other in 2014!


... uh I nearly forgot to mention that i read 21,336 pages this year. Now I just have to remeber that number and compare it to the one next year :)


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