I'm sure nobody here on booklikes has any trouble finding new books, but are you looking for inspirations and are a science fiction and fantasy or even horror fan? Then I have a few quite interesting pages for you. 


SF Signal

On the first day of every month you can find the new releases of the specific month for the science fiction, fantasy and horror genre on this website. Especially if good looking book covers are very important for you, this is the perfect page, because SF Signal not only posts an ordinary list of the new releases, but also includes their book covers - which makes browsing so much more fun :)


Worlds Without End

... provides a lot of different book lists - e.g. NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy books or the best Science Fiction and Fantasy books chosen by The Guardian. They also have a complete list of the winners of different awards, like the Hugo Award, Nebula Award or the Locus Science Fiction & Fantasy Award. So if you want to read the Top 100 SciFi & Fantasy books or want to check out the last couple of Hugo Award winners, you may visit this page. They have one really great feature: if you register there, you can name all the books you have already read and get a helpful overview how much you have read of specific lists. 


The Washington Post

Each month critics will get the chance to write about their favourite new fantasy and science fiction books on The Washington Post's homepage. The first article written by Nancy Hightower - science fiction and fantasy columnist - is alread online and can be found here.


Science Fiction und Fantasy Rundschau

Unfortunately the last website is only for those of you who can speak/read German. Basically it's an almost monthly article (released on the homepage of a daily newspaper) about some science fiction and fantasy books read by the author from this article. 

Auf der Homepage der Tageszeitung Der Standard, wird nicht ganz regelmäßig aber doch fast monatlich eine Rundschau veröffentlicht, in der der Verfasser dieses Artikels über die von ihm gelesenen Bücher aus den Bereichen Science Fiction und Fantasy schreibt. Hin und wieder findet man da auch ganz interessante Bücher!


I hope I introduced you to some new websites you didn't know already :) Have fun browsing!