Some time ago I found a Murakami Bingo made by Grand Snider (source). I already posted it here on booklikes too last year. Since I always wanted to try it, now is the perfect time for it because I'm currently in the middle of Kafka On The Shore. Here's my progress so far:



I'm not sure if there are not still a few fields I'm allowed to check. "Mysterious Women" for example: I have no idea if the one that appeared so far in the story really is that mysterious, so I left it out. The other two fields are "Precocious Teenager" - does Kafka count as one? - and "Unusual Name". Well the japanese names all are quite unusual for me, but I think Kafka is the one that counts here, because that really is not a normal name in Japan. When I think about it right now, I can really check that box next time :)


That really is a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to finding out, if I manage to get five in a row. Grant Snider picked some good themes, but I'm sure some of you who have read a lot of Murakamis books so far could include a few other good ones :)